Our partners

G.T.B Editions

G.T.B Editions is a Publishing company that publish the E-K-P artists

Normandie Productions

Normandie Productions, a young American company based in Las Vegas, has decided to collaborate with EKP to promote tribute: Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson.

This company, whose president is Josette Leblond, wife of Tony Sacca who died six months ago, wants to continue his business.

This is why Normandie Productions creates a subsidiary in Paris in 2018.

EKP and its artists are proud to be the Normand Productions reference partner.

Nicolas Richard

E.K.P trust in Nicolas Richard, gifted composer and arranger.

Follow Nicolas Richard on his web site : https://www.nicolasrichard.com

Studios de la Chine

Music Bow TV

In 2016 and with the aim of continuing to be a pioneer in terms of images and sound, Music Box launches its Web TV.

Champagne Convert-Lusquin

E.K.P is a partner of Champagnes Convert-Lusquin from Dormans.


ReDrink is an energy drink proudly promoted by E-K-P.


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