My name is Marlene Rodriguez and I am an author, composer and performer. I present you a great happiness, my very first album Histoire de C

Through 12 tracks, you will discover a French pop album, with words and musical colors full of sincerity.

I always had this dream. This dream to be able to meet you. The moment has come. To change everything, to move on, finally, to the essential, to you and me.

Because everything often begins with a Story of the Heart

A providential meeting, dozens of magical hours in the studio, more than forty songs on the counter, an album produced of twelve titles, photos, first video images and I finally start to get closer to you.

What came before us? Flute, music theory, exams at the conservatory, performances, singing of all kinds and with passion. A lot of school too, higher studies, five years of university, a master in economics and finance. 2007, beginning of my apprenticeship years. 2011, I go to London until 2015: intense experiences, exciting, many trips all over Europe, encounters that have built me, that I will not forget. 2017 and already 10 years have passed. But there was also, especially June 2016. Don’t ask me to explain it to you. What I do know is that the need for it came all of a sudden. Phrases, melodies, a stream of songs, ten, twelve, twenty or so, always more.

A miracle.