EKP supports you through all your projects :

Music Production

In the producing process, we take care of the very needs of our artists, so we can determine the right direction in terms of promotion or distribution, may it be an album, a show, or the creation of a demo or an album. Anything is possible.

TV Production

While producing their projects, our aim is to take artists on different TV sets, or web-programs, but not only; E.K.P. also encourages creative and original ideas. Current project : a TV show which heroin is a girl from Quebec who discovers how hectic and surprising life can be in Paris…

Show Production

If you’re right in the creation of your show, whether you prepare a series of concerts or write musicals, we will provide for what you need.

Renting the best venues will be possible for us : the legendary Olympia, the outstanding Palais des Congrès. We also offer venues which will suit your project the most, the Alhambra or the recently launched Badaboum will give a more intimate dimension to your musical world.

If you have a project you want to produce, E.K.P. can help you.

Nos artistes