Orange Yéti

His musicians are not illiterate, no, just fans of pop and rock. It is thus in a committed, almost rebellious spirit that they chose to renounce an elementary rule of French.
French is the main language chosen for the band’s compositions, of which there are 12, spread over 2 EPs released in 2017 and 2019. It is not the easiest language to put in music and the choice is assumed.

The English language is not for all that sulked and admirably agrees with the velvety singing of Flo, as on the title which was the subject of their first clip, “Wasted “.
The band is 6 years old and its 4 musicians have several significant experiences behind them.
The group has already had some great experiences, a tour of Normandy’s current music venues, important festivals such as the Moz’aïques in Le Havre twice, and some eloquent stages such as the Tetris in Le Havre, the Luciole in Alençon or the Alambra in Paris.